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Vendor: Kodak Gallery
Print Size: 4" x 6"
Best Price: $0.15 ea.

Other Print Sizes Available: Wallet to 24" - 36"
Paper Surfaces Available:Glossy and Matte
Canvas Sizes Available: 11 - 14, 24 - 36, 36 - 48
Photo-based Gifts: Available
Best Pricing
From Manufacturer
Overall Rating for PhotoWorks is 4 out of 5
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Ordering Process
Quality of Prints
Shipping Costs
Turn Around Time
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Kodak Gallery is a very basic online photo printing and developing service; which is easy to use, offers fairly low shipping rates and a quick turn-around time. However, with a name like "Kodak" - we weren't really super impressed with the quality of their prints that we received. The prints were definitely good - but we expected Kodak to be better.

Ease of Use - Ordering Process:
Kodak Gallery has one of the most organized and easy-to-use websites we've ever seen. Uploading pictures and ordering prints is like a pleasant treat. Even a computer novice should be able to walk through the ordering process without any problems.

Quality of Prints:
To get a better feel of the quality of their prints, we sent the same set of digital photos to all of the online digital photo processors and developers - that we reviewed. Kodak Gallery's prints; on a whole - turned out slightly sharper than the original photos we sent. Below is our analysis on the Kodak Gallery prints:

Close-up Photos: The Kodak prints that we received - had some minor cropping done to it. The details were very crisp and the print was sharper than the original. Due to this; the colors inside the picture was changed.

Scenic & Background Photos: Even in this print - although it offers clean and crisp details; it is slightly sharper than the original photo; which causes some variation in color.

Although it is not the least expensive service we've seen and reviewed, Kodak Gallery's per-print photo printing prices are still cheaper when compared to some other photo printing service providers we've seen.

Shipping Costs:
To ship nine 4 x 6 inch prints, Kodak Gallery charged us $1.79. The actual postage for USPS First Class mail was $0.83. This means that Kodak Gallery charged us $0.96 - towards their packaging and handling costs. Our prints arrived in a lightweight cardboard sleeve, wrapped inside another lightweight cardboard envelope.

Turn Around Time:
For each service provider that we reviewed; we gave them one to four days to ship us our finished prints in order to receive a high score in this category. Kodak Gallery positively met our requirements.

Other Services:
Kodak Gallery offers several other services like - printing your photos on T-shirts, sweatshirts, calendars, mugs and more.

Kodak Gallery certainly has a name recognition and a reputation - for quality processing and printing photo products. However, we felt their quality has a little room for improvement, as does their per-print prices.

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