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Vendor: Photoshelter
Plan: Basic
Annual Price: $9.99
Print Sizes Available: 4x6, 8x10, Postcard
Paper Surfaces Available: Glossy or Matte
Photo-based Gifts: Available
Best Pricing
From Manufacturer
Overall Rating for Photoshelter is 4.7 out of 5 Overall Rating

Set Of Features
Quality of Service
Ease Of Use
Help & Support
Other Services


Intro: PhotoShelter is primarily a photo sharing service that allows both amateur and professional photographers to create a portfolio of their pictures. It also allows users to sell their photographs. PhotoShelter offers a number of different plans with varying features and services.

Set Of Features:
PhotoShelter offers a variety of useful services to members of its photo sharing plans. Subscribers to the Standard and Pro Plans can choose from one of 10 instant website templates to display their work. Standard users get 60 GB of secure storage and Pro users get 1000 GB of storage. They also offer a number of other features such as SEO and social networking features.

Quality of Service:
PhotoShelter’s primary purpose is to give photographers an easy way to effectively and elegantly display their work. The quality of sites made with PhotoShelter is very high. Their site links to a number of lovely examples of PhotoShelter photography websites made by their clients. The simple sophistication of these sites attests to the design-consciousness and usability of PhotoShelter services. A second component of their business involves selling prints of these member’s photographs to their site’s visitors. Prints available through Photoshelter include 4x6, 8x10 and postcard prints. Photoshelter takes 10% revenue from sales in addition to the member’s monthly fee. This service makes it easy for photographers to make money on their photographs without a large investment of time and effort.

Ease Of Use:
PhotoShelter’s website is simple and easy to use. It allows new visitors to investigate the benefits of joining PhotoShelter to display and sell their work. Each plan’s features and pricing information are laid out in an easy-to understand page. For those ready to buy, there is a quick and easy setup process to register for PhotoShelter services and to start building a photo portfolio site.

Help & Support:
PhotoShelter’s web-based services to photographers are delivered via the internet and are quick and easy to use. Using PhotoShelter, a photographer can start setting up a professional-looking portfolio site within minutes of registration. PhotoShelter also offers members a number of handy guides with helpful hints on starting a photography business and using SEO techniques to get noticed by more visitors on the internet. They also offer webinars with more useful guidance and information.

Other Services:
In addition to setting up a portfolio site, Users can do business through their PhotoShelter website as they sell photos in the form of prints, posters, canvases and more. Orders are processed directly through PhotoShelter and the artist gets paid 90% of the revenue automatically, without having to get involved in the sales or shipping of the items sold.

PhotoShelter is a feature-rich, low-cost solution for photographers hoping to display and sell their works online. With an easy-to use registration, site creation process and a host of handy features, PhotoShelter provides excellent service for a reasonable rate. These e-commerce ready sites provide users an easy, no-hassle way to sell prints.

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