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Vendor: Mixbook
Print Size: 5x7 Greeting Card
Best Price: $0.49 ea.

Other Print Sizes Available: 5x5 and 4x8 Cards
Paper Surfaces Available:Glossy Card Stock
Canvas Sizes Available:None
Best Pricing
From Manufacturer
Overall Rating for Mixbook is 4 out of 5
--  Overall Rating

Ordering Process
Quality of Prints
Shipping Costs
Turn Around Time
Other Services


Mixbook is best known for custom-made photo books. They also sell photo greeting cards and calendars.

Ease of Use - Ordering Process:
The Mixbook website is laid out in a user-friendly format that shows their three product types and the sizes and variations available in each. Pricing details are given beside each option and their system for customizing your order is visually appealing and simple.

Quality of Prints:
One of the best things about Mixbook is the variety of designs they offer for photobooks, calendars and greeting cards. The images shown on their print samples are sharp and vibrant. Customers generally rave about the quality of the photo books they receive.

The prices offered at Mixbook are well within the range of the average consumer. For photo books, prices start at $6.99 for a softcover 6x4 mini landscape book and go up to $49.99 for a Deluxe Hardcover 12x12 photo book. Their photo greeting cards start at just $0.39 each and their calendars start at $19.99. They also offer volume discounts for large orders.

Shipping Costs:
Mixbook offers a variety of shipping options ranging from 8-12 day budget shipping to 5-day express shipping. The costs vary according to the type of product and the quality ordered.

Turn Around Time:
The 5 to 12 day wait time for Mixbook products might be the only drawback to ordering from them. The good news is that the quality of the product received is well worth the long days of eager anticipation.

Other Services:
Mixbook has a somewhat limited product line, since they do not offer individual photo prints, canvases or photo gifts other than books, cards, and calendars. They do only a few things, but they do them well.

Mixbook offers high-quality, low-cost photo books, cards and calendars. For the budget conscious consumer who is interested in beautiful photo products at good prices, Mixbook is a good option. Despite their small product line and somewhat long wait time, customers will be pleased with Mixbook’s attractive and creatively designed photo print products.

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