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Vendor: Zenfolio
Plan: Basic User
Annual Price: $25
Print Sizes Available: Wallet to 24" - 36"
Paper Surfaces Available: Glossy, Lustre & Matte
Photo-based Gifts: Available
Best Pricing
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Overall Rating for Zenfolio is 4.7 out of 5 Overall Rating

Set Of Features
Quality of Service
Ease Of Use
Help & Support
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Zenfolio provides a quick and easy way for photographers to create fully interactive, visually stunning websites to showcase their works.

Set Of Features:
For the serious photographer, Zenfolio offers a set of high-tech features unmatched by many other photography portfolio creation services. Every user has unlimited storage space for photos and videos. The layouts provided by Zenfolio are visually striking and unique, with fine attention to color scheme and detail. Users can create their websites simply and easily. No coding is required. They can even include slideshows of their work with musical accompaniment. Behind the scenes, Zenfolio tracks visitors, and integrates the photography site with social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. For professional users, Zenfolio offers additional features such as the ability to sell photo-based products online and receive payment automatically.

Quality of Service:
Although Zenfolio charges a bit more than some photo Sharing services, the simplicity of their interface, the amount of storage space and advanced features they offer, and the sheer attractiveness of the sites made with Zenfolio make it worth the cost.

Ease Of Use:
Zenfolio has put great attention into creating a web creation tool for photographers that is surprisingly simple to use. Many photographers consider themselves artists rather than technicians, and would rather focus on design than code. Zenfolio has taken this into account and has an easy to use interface that makes web creation easy.

Help & Support:
Zenfolio offers several ways for members to get help with any questions they might have about their account. Their help center includes training videos that guide users through the steps needed to create and maintain a photo portfolio site. They also have a user forum where members can ask questions and offer help to their peers.

Other Services:
Like certain other photo sharing services, Zenfolio offers ways for photographers to sell products with prints of their pictures. This enables any user to earn money from their site and their work.

Zenfolio is a great service for photographers who are serious about presenting and marketing their work. Although amateur photographers might find Zenfolio's price prohibitive and may not need all the storage space and features offered, those with more advanced expectations from a photo sharing service will be very pleased with Zenfolio's top-notch product.

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