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Vendor: Picaboo
Print Size: 4" x 6"
Best Price: $0.15 ea.

Other Print Sizes Available: 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 16x20
Paper Surfaces Available:Not specified
Canvas Sizes Available: 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 16x20
Best Pricing
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Overall Rating for Picaboo is 4 out of 5
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Picaboo is a photo print service best known for highly detailed and customizable photo books. They also sell calendars, photo prints and greeting cards.

Ease of Use - Ordering Process:
The Picaboo interface focuses on customized design. Customers making a photo book with Picaboo can upload their photos and choose from multiple backgrounds and layouts for each page of photos. They can then customize the layout and orientation of each photo for an added personal touch. The page sorter function allows the user to see all of the pages of their book simultaneously to choose the best possible arrangement of their photos. It is also possible to customize each page with captions and text in unique fonts. Once the final layout is finished, customers can choose from various cover types to enhance the look and feel of their photo book.
Most customers find the Picaboo photo book design process to be a very enjoyable one, thanks to the number of options the interface provides. However, some users find that the Picaboo application runs somewhat slowly on their computer.

Quality of Prints:
Although the reviews of Picaboo’s photo printing quality are generally positive, with vibrant colors and crisp definition, some users have found that the tones of the colors in their Picaboo photo books were over-brightened and did not match their originals. It was also mentioned that the quality of their photo prints seems somewhat better than the quality found in their photo books. Certain users also have found that the pages in the photo books is somewhat thin.

The prices for Picaboo products are generally higher than those offered by other vendors of similar products. Although some users swear by Picaboo and find that the flexibility and creative control Picaboo offers is well worth the price, others claim that the quality of the prints and finished products is about average compared to other vendors, making the higher prices unnecessary.

Shipping Costs:
Picaboo offers a variety of shipping options, ranging from Priority Mail to next day air, with prices that were about average. No free shipping options were available at the time this review was written.

Turn Around Time:
Some customers have been pleased to find that they receive their Picaboo orders earlier than expected.

Other Services:
Picaboo is most well-known for photo books although they also offer custom photo greeting cards, calendars and photo prints. Their selection is not quite as varied as other vendors in terms of the number of products offered. However, the huge number of design options available in their photo books balances out their selective product list.

Picaboo has developed a design tool which allows users to make highly customized photo books and other photo print products. Their system is easy to use and offers customers a chance to design a layout that is unique and full of personality. However, some users have found that the quality of the products they received from Picaboo did not meet their expectations.

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